From owner-managed operations to publicly traded companies, R&A tends to the needs of a respected client base in a wide variety of industries.

Our Services Include:


When it comes to tax planning, our team believes in a proactive approach, always looking for ways to protect your assets amongst the ever-changing laws and regulations. With a dedicated and competent tax team, we remain well prepared to handle the uncertainty that comes with the taxation environment.

R&A tailors our strategy based on the client’s needs, and while everyone is looking for a tax break, we also ensure compliance and avoid risk.

R&A provide services in the following areas:

  • Corporate and personal tax planning
  • Corporate, personal, trusts and estates return preparation
  • Identify Cross border taxation issues
  • Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
  • Canadian tax compliance for international corporations
  • Strategic estate and succession planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax advisory consulting services for Doctors and lawyers across Canada


Financial reporting is not only required for specific business types, but is also crucial from an internal perspective for keeping your budget intact, aiding in making smart monetary decisions and meeting your financial goals.

The R&A team works closely with clients to understand what they’re trying to achieve before preparing their financial forecasts, projections and statements. This allows for the client to have full understanding of budget for future spend and growth, and will ensure they tackle any sort of market challenges with greater certainty.


R&A is happy to provide your company with audit services whether it’s for the purpose of a regulatory agency, or the next step in growing your business through a financial institution or investor who requires these detailed reports.

Our team provides you with a complete and thorough analysis of all financials related to your business, followed by recommendations on how to improve your internal controls while highlighting your current financial state.

Business Advisory

R&A is committed to helping you plan for your business’ future and learning what it means to thrive in an ever changing environment. No matter the size of your business, our diverse team works with you to determine the essentials that will set your company up for success and amplify long term growth: goal setting, addressing barriers, seeking out new opportunities, developing benchmarks and implementing rigorous analyses.

Our clients put their trust in the R&A team, and with our provided recommendations and suggestions have enjoyed the increased earnings and financial gains. Comprised of experienced professionals with years of various industry experience, our in-house team is happy to deliver the best advice possible to ensure a positive outcome for you and your company.

Estate Planning

From now until 2020, statistics estimate an unprecedented 70% of Canadian business owners will be in a position to retire. Of those surveyed, 50% admit they are unprepared for succession in their companies. Change and uncertainty can erode business value so it’s critical to get the right advice well in advance of your business sale. Developing an estate or succession plan usually means having tough conversations about the future.

We start and finish the discussion by asking clients what matters most. We work closely with clients and their families to create tailored, comprehensive estate and succession plans for current and future generations that allow for long-term wealth preservation. And we evolve our recommendations over time to reflect the changing goals and circumstances of our clients.

Excise Tax

Most transactions involve indirect taxes, including GST/HST, QST and PST. These taxes can easily increase the cost of doing business – especially if refund and tax minimization opportunities are overlooked. A thorough understanding of Canada’s intricate tax rules is essential to maximizing profit, maintaining compliance and reducing tax risk.

GST/HST and provincial sales taxes—they affect every transaction your company makes. Start planning and streamlining transactions to minimize non-recoverable sales taxes. If you are considering expanding or acquiring a business or restructuring your existing business, we can help you navigate the sales tax applications to avoid any unforeseen pitfalls.